We’ve Gotten So Many Requests From Fellow Fitness Professionals for
Easy-to-Teach Bodyweight Based Corrective Exercises to Give to Clients So They
Can Do Them At Home or In Group Personal Training Sessions…

“Finally! A Bodyweight Based Corrective Exercise and
Metabolic Resistance Training Program that FIXES
Dysfunction While Building Muscle, Boosting
Metabolism, and Making Your Clients Feel More ‘Athletic’ Than Ever!!”

Discover How to Use THE ULTIMATE FITNESS TOOL – Your
Client’s Very Own Body – to Deliver Amazing Results That Will
Impress Your Clients And Keep Them Coming Back…

Dear Fitness Professional,

Over the years we’ve seen so many “gurus” on the Internet proclaiming they’ve developed the ultimate bodyweight training program. You’ve seen them too, right?

Well, being constant seekers of training knowledge and ideas, we’ve actually bought most of them…and, we’ve been disappointed over and over and over again…

They’re all just loaded with push, push, and more push exercises. Then of course there are all the sit-up variations. Ahhhh! It’s enough to make you sick!! These workouts are just exacerbating the problems most people have:

  • Forward Head Carry – like someone got stuck doing the “funky chicken”
  • Thoracic Immobility – Hunchback of Notre Dame, anyone?
  • Tight Hip Flexors – you know those wires that hold up bridges? Your hip flexors aren’t supposed to be like that!
  • And, on and on we could go, but we jest. ;-b

Let’s get serious for a moment…

Bodyweight training is wonderful, HOWEVER most coaches and trainers have a very limited “library of exercises” to give to their clients, and therefore they develop very imbalanced training programs that will ultimately lead to some serious problems. Sure, clients may be able to rock out 1-arm push-ups and lunge a marathon, but how’s that going to help them in the long-run when their shoulders and knees are shot because they don’t have balanced strength and mobility around their joints?

Well, we had enough with all the garbage that’s been put out so we started creating our own Smart Group Training library of bodyweight exercise. Then, at just about every live event we’ve taught at this past year, coaches and trainers would always ask us for bodyweight exercises they could do with their athletes and clients – especially those training on a field, in a park, or renting out space in a dance studio.

Smart Group Training Bodyweight



Smart Group Training Bodyweight provides a series of specific bodyweight exercises based on the SGT protocols.

For each of the 7 exercises used in the Functional Movement Screen, you’ll receive specific bodyweight based corrective exercises guaranteed to clear up the corresponding movement pattern dysfunctions. These exercises are perfect for your clients to do in your studio, at home, and when they’re on the road…one more way for you to provide an “above & beyond” level of service that separates you from the competition.

In addition, we selected a series of bodyweight exercises ideal for each of the major movements (push, pull, hip, quad, core). Following the SGT protocol, you can easily put together workout routines that meet any client’s needs, regardless of their Functional Movement Screen score… Use these workouts in your training sessions or provide them as bonus workouts – once again, providing more value to your clients…

Finally, with your copy of Smart Group Training Bodyweight, you’re going to get 3 months worth of done-for-you programs that you can use in your personal training and/or bootcamp sessions. The time you’ll save alone on designing these workouts is worth more than the cost of the entire program…

To recap, when you order Smart Group Training Bodyweight today, you’re going to get:

  • Bodyweight based corrective exercises for each of the 7 movements in the Functional Movement Screen (33 exercises total) – $49.95 Value
  • Bodyweight exercises for each of the 5 major movement patterns that meet the SGT protocol (25 exercises total) – $49.95 Value
  • 3 months of done-for-you Smart Group Training Approved Workouts using bodyweight – $99.95 Value
"More Tools In Your Training Tool Box"

The best trainers know they need to be on the cutting edge. They seek out new exercise methods and training programs that will help their clients succeed, while keeping their business a cut above the rest…

When you add Smart Group Training Bodyweight to your “tool box”, you will do exactly that – get advanced training and education that your clients appreciate and will make you that much better than your competition…

Smart Group Training Bodyweight is now available for the low-price (high-value) of ONLY $59.99
Get your copy today!

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.

Why is it priced so low?

That’s a fair question.  Smart Group Training Bodyweight is part of a new series of educational products that we want to make available to you to help expand your exercise knowledge and improve your training skills. We’ve made it our mission to provide you with great education that’s easily affordable; something we’re truly excited about! :-)

Plus, one of the main benefits of training with bodyweight is the low overhead costs to trainers and coaches – there’s no equipment to buy! It just makes sense that Smart Group Training Bodyweight be priced accordingly…

Sound good?


Now, get your copy of Smart Group Training Bodyweight TODAY and become an even better trainer than you already are…

And, of course, like every other program we share with you, we’re backing this one up with our Ironclad, No Hassle, 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee. If, after reviewing the entire program, you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know and we’ll give you a FULL REFUND – no questions asked.




I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.


Smart Group Training Bodyweight combines the most advanced group training program in the industry with the most advanced piece of equipment ever developed – the human body. This is a very special program filled with knowledge and skills you want and need to be the top trainer in your town…

Steve Long Signature

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Steve Long & Jared Woolever

P.S. – Great trainers look for the best training materials and absorb them like a sponge. Smart Group Training Bodyweight provides a truly unique approach to bodyweight training that you and your clients are going to love!

P.P.S. – WE GUARANTEE YOU’LL LOVE Smart Group Training Bodyweight! The information provided, along with the done-for-you programs, will be a fantastic addition to your personal training library… If not, we’ll repay you in FULL. :-)

I understand that this is an online, downloadable product. Nothing physical will be shipped.